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Shogun Teppanyaki, Canberra City

Shogun Teppanyaki, Canberra City
The Style: Shogun Teppanyaki is decked out in all things Japanese - think of all the Japanese cliches you can, scale it back a bit and add a pinch of style - that should paint a picture in your mind of Shogun. The restaurant is actually quite a nice place to be - they seem to have pulled it off and in July while I was there, there was a great view of the outdoor ice skating rink which provided some additional entertainment (so long as you like watching people crash in a heap while you eat!).

Agedashi Tofu, Shogun Teppanyaki, Canberra City

Shogun Teppanyaki, Canberra City

Pork in ginger sauce, Shogun Teppanyaki, Canberra City
The Taste: The food at Shogun Teppanyaki is not going to win a gold medal for the best Japanese food you have ever tasted but it is also far from the worst. The menu has a decent selection of dishes with all the Japanese favourites like sushi, sashimi and teriyaki making the list. I ordered a pork dish which had a nice but mildly bland flavour. The salad was a little odd, basically just lettuce leaves in a sweetish dressing. It didn't do a lot to add a fresh element to the dish because it too was a little bland. The sushi was fresh, tasty and looked fantastic. Overall, the food certainly wouldn't blow your socks off but it was mildly pleasant and nothing to complain about.

Salad, Shogun Teppanyaki, Canberra City
The crowd: There was a mix of couples and families at Shogun Teppanyaki - the families seemed to be enjoying the fun of catching food thrown by the teppanyaki chef - there were a few groups opting for this and all seemed to be really enjoying the show. 

The price: The meals here are reasonably priced with mains in the $15 - $25 bracket and the portions are generous. I guess Shogun Teppanyaki is a classic case of 'you get what you pay for.' If you want a pleasant but not spectacular meal that wont break the bank, this is the place. If you want a really delicate, fresh Japanese meal, try somewhere else.

The Location: Shogun Teppanyaki is located upstairs in the Garema Centre off Bunda Street (number 70), Canberra. 

Shogun Teppanyaki, Canberra City

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